Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Frogs on the Property at Coles Creek

I was walking back from one of the dams tonight and I saw two Wilcox's Frogs. I have only ever seen them on the rocky area between the two dams. I ran upstairs to get my camera and luckily enough I was able to find one when I returned. They are one of the frogs that you do not see regularly on the property and to be honest I haven't seen them in nearly 18 months. They are hard to find also as they rarely call out. I have never seen or heard them call out anywhere that I have viewed them.

Wilcox's Frog

Wilcox's Frog from another angle

Another shot of the Wilcox's Frog
As usual there were large numbers of Striped Rocket Frogs out tonight. One was calling out right beside me so I took another photo of this one. Unfortunately when I put the spotlight onto him he got startled and stopped calling.
Striped Rocket Frog
This frog below, the Common Froglet, is very common on the property but it difficult to find most of the time. They are heard in large numbers for the whole wet season. They are usually heard in close proximity to Striped and Broad-palmed Rocket Frogs. Firstly it is difficult to find due to its size. It is 2 cm in length. They stop calling when you approach and won't start while you are close generally and they stay under the long grass or leaf litter in shallow water. They are also very well camouflaged!

Common Froglet

The same Common Froglet
While I was out I saw a few Dainty Tree Frogs, but I didn't hear them calling. The Great Barred Frogs were out in large numbers again in their areas. Also heard were several Striped Marsh Frogs, Peron's Tree Frogs, Broad- palmed Rocket Frogs and a few Red Tree Frogs.

Over the weekend when I get a bit more time I will attempt to find the Tusked Frogs again and have a look around for a few of the frogs that are seen less often.

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