Monday, February 18, 2013

More Frogs From Around the Property at Coles Creek

Tonight there are heaps of frogs out again. I didn't go out onto the property due to it raining so heavily and consistently, so I just went around the house and the trees within a few meters of the house.

It is much wetter tonight so the Graceful Tree Frogs or Dainty Tree Frogs are very vocal. There are hundreds of them just around the house and the noise is deafening! I love the sound of all the frogs calling out. To be honest if you didn't you wouldn't be able to live here as this will go on all night.

A Dainty Tree Frog on the shed

One of the many Dainty Tree Frogs in the dead tree beside the house

Another Dainty Tree Frog in the dead tree beside the house

This Dainty Tree frog was calling out in this awkward position for at least 5 minutes
Another Dainty Tree Frog in the small paperbark tree
The males were wrestling in the small paperbark tree as there were about five of them all wanting to call out on a small branch at the top of the tree, which is only about 1 meter tall. The last photo was the victor and the rest began calling out on the lower limbs.
Just behind the shed where there are a couple of small ponds and a tall drum which is now quite full of water I found a dozen or more Red Tree Frogs. There were a few males calling out and one of the males was near the top of the drum. This was a successful vantage point as it had attracted several females to the rim of the drum. The male calling out on the lip of the pond was not having as much luck attracting the ladies!

Red Tree Frog on the back of the shed

The Red Tree Frog calling out near the top of the drum

One of the interested females waiting on the rim of the drum
This is one of the dozen or so Green Tree Frogs that can be found very close to the house, on the verandas, on the windows or anywhere they like really. Even the dogs which are Ridgebacks respect the space of the Green Tree Frogs when they are on the veranda. In fact, if the dogs hear them making a distress call if they are being attacked by a snake or mouse they will take off to protect them. Some of these Green Tree Frogs were grown up from tadpoles and released in the ponds around the house just before they turned into froglets. As a result they have stayed very close to the house.

One of the resident Green Tree Frogs around the house

The same Green Tree Frog from a different angle

As soon as I can get down to where the Great barred Frogs live on the property to get some photos I will put up another post. They don't usually call out while it is raining, especially if it is heavy. They are more active in the days after the rain has stopped. Also the Tusked Frogs have moved or been washed down the creek when it flooded the property a few weeks back. I heard them calling out last night in the area where the Great Barred Frogs live. This is most likely due to the debris they like to live in being washed further down into a section of the creek in that area. Hopefully the flooding in the area where they are both found on the property doesn't stay too long.

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